Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Survival For Those On The Single Tip!

So today's the day! The ONE day that's globally dedicated to what? Love! Which, by the way can be the singular worst day for someone that's single. Between all of the Happy Valentine's Day and the "Look at me and my Boo!" social media posts, those of us living on the "Single Tip" just may find ourselves fighting the urge to throw up. Be not dismayed! Valentine's Day can still be your friend.

Make Valentine's Day About Friends And Family - First let's start with the obvious, the major plot point of this particular day is love between couples, that's what has been stressed by holiday marketers every where for ages. (Ok, it does kind of go along with the very inception of the holiday and all of that, BUT it can be so much more.) Buy a box of those kiddie Valentine's Day cards and give them to your family and friends! Let them know how much you love them and give them giggle at the same time!

Plan An Outing With Other Singles - Get together with other single friends to celebrate friendship, NOT to highlight the fact that you're single. Good food, good fun, and great friendship will go a long way today and every other day. All love is not Eros love, there's also Agape love. While we might want the Eros kind, it's the Agape kind that makes the world and our lives better for sharing it.

Be Your Own Valentine - That's right! Treat yourself!! Take the day off from work, check into a Day Spa and have some serious me time. Or, one of my all time favorites, treat yourself to that pair of shoes that you've been eyeing! Some people say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I beg to differ, I say its shoes. But, that's just me. Do for you whatever floats your boat, but do something for yourself!!

Prepare Your Survival Kit - Last but not least, when all else fails make sure you have your very own survival kit prepared. What's in mine you ask!! Let's see, there are very few things in life that are better than a good romance novel, some times, just sometimes a "Book Boyfriend" is better than the real thing (They don't snore or leave dirty clothes around the house).  Second thing would be my all time favorite, a nice bottle of Marsala. What would a Valentine's Day be without a really great wine. Last but not least, my trusty blanket. That's right, tuck myself into that thing and then Houston It's A Go!!

Most of all, just remember that this day can hold no power over you other than what you give it. Don't hate on couples publicly showing their love for one another, genuinely wish them well and move on. Enjoy YOUR Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day and Much Love,