Thursday, March 3, 2016

Everything is Political....And I Hate It. (My Personal Commentary)

I will tell you this right up front, I hate politics.

There was a professor that I had during my first two years of college, He taught Afro American Studies courses, and I was a freshman that decided to take his class called The Black Man. I be honest, I took the class because I heard it was full of really intelligent hot guys! I had no idea that would actually learn more about myself and the world that I lived in as an African American that I did in his courses. I would dare to say that He was one of the most influential teachers of my young adult life.

With that being said, one of the pieces of wisdom that he gave us is that "EVERYTHING is political". Relationships, the work place, even church! But to me the worst is the politics of our country and the world. It brings out the worst in people, not the best.

This year 2016, I can honestly say that I have never been as afraid of the outcomes of the Presidential elections as I am now. As an African American, I know all that my people have had to endure since our introduction to this country, the country that we now call home. even though we are so far removed from the slavery era, it seems that we as an American people have so far to go.

As I watch the debates, the news footage, I see the release of the bitterness, hatred and racism that has been lurking under the skin of some of America. I see politician play up the fears and anxieties of the people, people of all backgrounds. I just don't understand. Haven't we suffered enough as people, as a country? Why are we still trying to tear each other apart?

At this point in the history of America ALL the races of people that inhabit this part of the world have made many, many contributions to our countries successes as well as it's failures. There are wealthy people in all races, creeds and colors and religious backgrounds, just as there are poor of the same. Jesus said himself that there would always be poor, but it's how we treat them that matters.

All anyone wants in this life is to be loved and to have a fair chance to make their way in the world. No one worth their salt wants a hand out It's about THE most powerful country in the world being able to provide equal education and healthcare and opportunity. If we could do that, we would thrive. Why is it that there are countries that are smaller than we are, but they have no where near the amount of discord that we have here.

Saving our planet won't make any difference if we kill each other. What kind of world, country, and legacy are we getting ready to leave our children. We are not born hating, we learn it.

I love this country, and it's people, I just wish we could all love each other back.....This will probably be the last time that I write about just hurts to damn much.

If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray......

Much Love,