Sunday, July 5, 2015

Thank You For The Music

I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who truly do attach the emotion of a memory, time, or a place to music. I actually think it's fairly common, who doesn't remember the song that was playing when they danced their first slow dance at their first party?

As I listen to a song each note played is a step back to a specific time and place. "Let Me Be Your Angel" by Stacy Lattisaw was the song of my first innocent love, my puppy love if you will. I used to sit in my room and listen to that song over and over. Which was a bit more complicated back then, since we didn't have MP3 players. We had 45s and LPs, yes, good old records.

Music has been there for me from the beginning. The thing about music is that is will never let you down. It's there to comfort you, to bring a smile to your face or to be there when you just need a really good cry. It doesn't ask questions, it doesn't judge, it just is.

Needless to say my first love and I broke up. Alas the love I found at 14 was not destined to last. But the song...still brings tears to my eyes.

Moments, days, even years of my life are intrinsically connected to music. When I started dating the man that I though was my soul mate, the one that I would be with for all time, and through eternity, I remember we were attending the cast party of a show that we had both been in, the show where we met. The song "When I'm With You" by Tony Terry came on...he asked me to dance, we shared a kiss and the rest was history, or so I thought.

19 years and 4 children later, we are no more.....but the music still remains. During our separation and eventual divorce, there was one song that spoke to all of my emotions, It seemed to speak to all of the feelings that I had at that moment. It had been a favorite of mine for years, but during the darkest moment of my life, it seemed to elevate itself in my heart and my mind. That song was "Te Echo de Menos" (I Miss You)  by Latin mega star Chayanne.

I cried to this song, more times that I can count. But eventually as time pressed on this song to me is not so much a mourning for a relationship long gone, but it's the cry from soul missing the other half of me that I have yet to meet, but that I miss deeply.

Music is as much a part of me as breathing or the blood that fuels my body. Music has the ability to express what sometimes we simply cannot.  For those of you that have come and gone in my life, thank you for the experiences, the good and the bad. They have all helped pushed me to the woman that I am becoming, but most of all, thank you for the music.

Much Love,
Pandora Esperanza.